The Hypatia is a science vessel belonging to the Wallace Ulyanov Consortium. After the attack on Kerenza IV, it is used to help the refugees from Kerenza IV.


The Hypatia is a long-range WUC scientific exploration vessel which is ideally suited for deep-space recon/assessment. It is an Oracle class vessel, with a length of 0.9 km and a height of 0.21 km. It has a crew of 500 and has a maximum velocity of 1.5 sst and an acceleration of 1.3 sst. The Hypatia's main drive is a Balor IX [gt4] and it's secondary drive is a Balor IX x4. It's inertial dampeners are at 0.98 g and has a defense grid consisting of a ZXII-unig and two Twilight GH-2. It also is equipped with a payload of six Capstone 7c, twelve Nova III shuttles, state-of-the-art tracking, and QASAR arrays.


They left her at floating in space, when they took the Mao, as the Hypatia didn't have enough fuel left.

Battle of Kerenza IVEdit


  • As all the other WUC ships, the Hypatia is named after a famous astronomer: Hypatia of Alexandria. She was the head of the Neoplatonic school in Alexandria, where she taught philosophy and astronomy. She was also a mathematician and inventor.[1]