I am frequently underestimated. I think it's because I'm short.

—Kady Grant, ILLUMINAE: The ILLUMINAE Files_01

Kady Grant is one of the main protagonists of the Illuminae Files. She is taken aboard the Hypatia after the Kerenza Mining Colony is attacked by the Lincoln battleship.

Personality Edit

I want you to remember that I have a history of disobeying your direct orders and turning out to be right.

—Kady Grant, ILLUMINAE: The ILLUMINAE Files_01

Kady is shown very early on to have a rebellious streak, after purposefully failing certain tests conducted by the crew of the Hypatia to avoid being forced into service. She is very ambitious and knows what she wants to do with her life. Kady is also incredibly stubborn and can keep a grudge for a long time before finally forgiving someone. She excels under pressure and always seems to put herself in danger for the good of others, despite being described as "not a team player." She would also much rather work alone and get the job done, though she is willing to work with close friends.

Appearance Edit

Kady's most defining feature is her bright pink hair that has slowly grown out to show her brown roots throughout the series. She is described as very pretty, though not many of her specific traits are identified by Ezra or security footage.

She is identified as having dyed her hair back to brown at the end of Obsidio.

Relationships Edit

Ezra MasonEdit

You deserve someone who'll run with you as far and as fast as you want to. Holding your hand, not holding you back.

—Ezra to Kady

Kady and Ezra were dating when they lived on the Kerenza Mining Colony, but ended their relationship very shortly before the colony was attacked. Kady initially breaks things off because Ezra does not have a plan for the future, which bothers her greatly. After the Kerenza colony is attacked, Ezra is sent aboard the Alexander and Kady boards the Hypatia. Ezra makes several attempts to contact Kady, but his communications are ignored, as Kady is still holding a bit of a grudge and can't really find the right words to say to him. Eventually, the two start to reconnect when issues begin arising with the Alexander and the Lincoln looms closer.


We were meant to finish this together.

—Kady Grant

Kady considered AIDAN her enemy during most of her stay on the Hypatia, thinking of it as a mad AI. AIDAN had pretended to be Ezra to lure Kady to the core servers and then told her Ezra was dead to get her to help it. She struck a deal with it to help the remaining, healthy members of the Alexander go to the Hypatia if she would stay and repair it. They slowly grew closer during the time before the Lincoln arrived, and when the Alexander was mostly destroyed, she consoled AIDAN as it left the bulk of its data behind. In Gemina, she is shown to be supportive of AIDAN and it being in the Hypatia's systems to resolve the Gemina particle. In Obsidio, their relationship grows to be a good friendship. After AIDAN kills two thousand of the Mao's population for "population control" though, Kady feels betrayed and angered at its decision to do that and shuts it down. For the majority of the book, even when the AI is brought back to save Kady and others from Garver, Kady is angry at it and doesn't feel like talking with it. When AIDAN sacrifices itself to destroy the Churchill, Kady feels regret and begs for it to not leave. She never saw it again for the rest of the trilogy.


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