—Patients afflicted by the Phobos Virus, ILLUMINAE: The ILLUMINAE Files_01

Phobos Virus is a class Alpha Zero pathogen that was designed to be used as a bioweapon by BeiTech Industries. One of its prototypes was used in the attack on Kerenza IV, near the hermium refinery, infecting the refugees coming from that area, which were taken on board of the Copernicus.[1]

Symptoms and Disease ProcessEdit

Phobos AlphaEdit

After an incubation period of 24 hours[2], the Phobos Virus starts attacking the fear center of the afflicted patient's brain.[3] Afflicted start showing signs similar to those of PTSD. This includes anxiety, nausea, tachycardia, and headaches that are often so severe as to induce tremors, seizures and catatonia or paralysis.[1] The effects last 24 hours to 3-4 days[1], with the span growing longer as the virus mutates. Since it is a mutagenic virus, it is possible to get reinfected.[1] As it is an airborne virus[4], there is a high risk of infection.

The damage caused by the virus is permanent.

Phobos BetaEdit

8 to 24 hours after being infected[5], the infection begins targeting the amygdala and either the thalamus or sensory cortex.[6] Symptoms like increased adrenaline levels, heart palpations, hyperventilation, tremors, and general unease/nameless dread start to manifest.[5] The patient starts seeking out physical comfort, spreading the virus.[5] In fear of punishment, persecution or quarantine, the afflicted patient actively avoids informing the medical staff or convinces themselves that they are not afflicted, again with the goal to avoid treatment.[6]

22 hours after the infection, the afflicted enters a state of full catatonia, symptoms including muscle rictus, lowered heart rate and core temperature, and limited pupillary response.[6] Six hours later, the patient is beginning to show signs of minor muscle movement. The heart rate increases as the body's immune system starts taking action against the virus.[7]

Final Form of the Phobos VirusEdit

I hear. I see. Oh god.

—Tobias Salinger, Medical on the Copernicus

Unlike the other types of the virus, this type doesn't induce any physical symptoms. Instead, it seems to slowly enhance the afflicted's senses, causing a sensory overload. As a result, the afflicted becomes insane and develops paranoia.[7] They start having ill thoughts towards the people around them, constantly feeling like they are being watched. As the disease reaches its peak, the afflicted begins repeating the phrase "Stop looking at me" over and over again.[8] They act violent towards others, hurting or even murdering them. Afflicted tend to remove their victim's eyes[9] or cut off their heads.




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